ADVOCATION (Parent Leadership Training)

In effort to increase parent awareness on protecting the right to school choice a parent training series was developed. Our two-part training series; D.V.SC. Advocacy Fellowship and Parent Leadership Training Series is designed to empower charter school parents and discuss the many ways they can partner with D.V.S.C. to advocate on behalf of their children.

During these trainings, with parents to better understand the state of education on a macro and local level and the urgency around the need to advocate for improved education opportunities for all students. We also discuss key pieces of legislation that impact charter schools.

D.V.S.C. works collectively with parents to articulate their own experiences and sharpen their advocacy skills to share their personal story with key stakeholders and elected officials on why a charter school was the right choice for their family. Following the training, our parent graduates are equipped with the tools necessary to take action as school choice advocates!

Advocacy Fellowship

Detroit Voice for School Choice conducts an Advocacy Fellowship for parents, grandparents or guardians of local school districts that have partnered with D.V.S.C. Advocacy Fellowship was created to keep parents informed of their rights surrounding school choice.

The fellowship cohort is designed to empower parents to become the best advocates for their children.

The advocacy fellowships are held throughout the school year and end with a graduation ceremony in June. Every graduate receives a certificate of completion, with an opportunity to participate in our Leadership Training series.

Parent Leadership Training Series

Parent Leadership Training is offered to D.V.S.C. Advocacy Fellowship graduates interested in leadership training and becoming a LEAD Parent Organizer. Our Leadership Training Series is 6 week training series designed to offer D.V.S.C. fellowship graduates additional training to become LEAD parent organizers within our school district partners.

D.V.S.C. Advocacy Model

dvsc advocacy model

Definition of Advocate:

a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.