Perspectives From Anthony Barrow

Preparedness. This was the most important factor that led Anthony Barrow to enroll his two daughters, ages 11 and 12, at Old Redford Elementary Preparatory Academy. 

“I am a product of public schools, which I can say personally dropped the ball when I was being educated,” the 48-year-old father said. “Charter schools have assisted my children and I in obtaining a great education, and I am pleased with the support and success that we receive from our school.” 

Barrow brags that his daughters have maintained Honor Roll grades since Kindergarten. He says they are enjoying the specialized attention they receive from teachers due to the small class sizes. Barrow also likes that his daughters are learning from the most up-to-date curriculum. “The teaching materials aren’t outdated.”

Barrow was a member of the most recent Detroit Voice for School Choice parent cohort. He learned about the program from regularly attending PTSO meetings. “The training taught me how the actions of leaders in government and education affected my children getting a higher quality of education that they would not have received if I had enrolled them elsewhere,” he said. “Laws, fiscal financial responsibilities, accountability were the most enlightened aspects of life training that I received from DVSC.” 

His biggest takeaway? Engaging lawmakers! Barrow says he looks forward to advocating for charter schools during legislative sessions and lawmakers’ office hours. He hopes to take all the information he learned from DVSC and share it within his community; inspiring other parents to take an active role in their child’s education. 

“Being an active parent is the greatest feeling in the world, when I see my children excelling where I didn’t have the same ability to do so,” Barrow said. “I am afforded information that most parents don’t even know is available to them but sharing that information with my community gives me a sense of purpose and hope for our young children.”

Barrow doesn’t want his advocacy to stop after his daughter’s finish school; he wants to continue to advocate for all of Detroit’s children. “I’m always going to be a champion and lead parent for DVSC because the work never stops, and quiet voices are never heard.”