Saturday Fellowship Training

Its officially back to school season and we are excited to see so many scholars excited about the new school year. We have so much in store for our students and parents this year. There will be more opportunities for growth and involvement as well as learning.

The mission of Detroit Voice for School Choice is to accurately train Detroit parents to take an active role in the education of their children.

Saturday Fellowship Training Group Picture

Our parents are given the proper tools and resources to ensure they become the best advocates for their students during our DVSC Parent Leadership Training. From March to June, our parent group met to discuss advocacy, engaging lawmakers and the launch of our #MyChildMatters campaign.

Out first cohort consisted of 20 enthusiastic parents representing seven of our Charter School partners.

During the six sessions parents were provided help with public speaking skills, how to properly canvas a neighborhood, career and leadership training. Parents also walked away with some helpful information regarding the health and wellness of their families.

Parents officially graduated from the training program in June with a new resolve and energy for their education in Detroit. Along with a completion certificate, parents were given the titles of Lead Parent at their perspective schools.

We look forward to meeting the incoming cohort of parents and starting another great year at DVSC!